Camera Gear

The Pentax K-1 is my main camera, and has been a reliable tool since the fall of 2016. It's tough and produces phenomenal images. I also have a Pentax K3 I mainly keep in my Pelican case as a backup. I began doing photography with a Nikon D5200, before purchasing a D7000. I have a soft spot for that old D7000 and wish I would've kept it and at least one Nikon Prime - but at the time I needed every dollar I could get to move into Pentax. I chose to pickup an unproven Pentax full frame because of the companies history of producing dependable gear, and it had a set of features I couldn't pass up as someone who loves taking photos of stars. My hands took nearly two years before becoming accustomed to the button layout that Pentax uses - but I am now happy with the change. I hope to one day shoot with medium format cameras but am in no rush to get there. At this time I'm focusing on upgrading the lenses I use.

Up until this point I've primarily used Tamron lenses, as their cost isn't as prohibitive as Pentax branded glass. I also have a 14mm Rokinon lens for large landscapes, and I can't speak highly enough of Rokinon/Samyang lenses for the price point they tend to go for. I hope to upgrade to Pentax glass eventually, but for now the Tamron lenses are not a greatly limiting factor.

I've used a Vanguard tripod for nearly every photo on this site (that required a tripod at least). I find them to be strong and they present quite a value proposition when you compare them brands like Really Right Stuff and Gitzo.

I use GODOX wireless flashes, and have been able to make due with an AD200 and one of their smaller speedlites (the name escapes me). 

Computer & Post Procesing Software

I've used a custom built AMD desktop, an Eluktronics laptop, Dell XPS and a late 2013 Macbook Pro to process images since I got into photography in 2014. I primarily use Adobe products when it comes to software, although I do have a few plugins for photoshop, like Google NIK. I use ON1 software from time to time as well.


This may get down to knick knacks, and I'll be updating it shortly.