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–YOU & THE BASICS–                              
Name:  Brandon Mangan

Birthdate: Nov 3rd
Age: 14

Eye color: blue-green-grey-hazel-changes alot

Hair color: dark brown

height:5″ 9′


Describe yourself: confusing

Nervous Habits? snappin my fingers

Are you double jointed? haha yeah everywhere
Can you roll your tongue?yea

Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? yea

Can you blow spit bubbles? yea

Can you cross your eyes? yes

Tattoos? i want one
Piercings and where? nope

Screename: mangan1189


Type with one hand only? wen im on the fone

Wear the same piece of jewelry everyday? yeah my necklace w/cross

Twirl your spaghetti or cut it?i dont know

Usually approach your crush or keep it low?approach cause nothin happens if u dont

Write with your right hand or left? Right

Carry more than 10 dollars with you on an average day? if you know me u know i carry too much moneyHave a swimming pool? kinda

Sing really well? haha my name is brandon

Stay at the computer more than an hour at a time on average? yeah

Wear thongs everyday? all the time,all the time
Like rock music? yes yes



Rock or rap? rock usually

Coke or pepsi? dr.pepper

Straight or curly? straight

Guy friends or girl friends? girls by far until i get tired of em

Guitar or drums?  i play guitar….i wanna play drums tho

Chocolate or vanilla? vanilla

Mustard or ketchup? ketchup

Beach or mountains? Mountains cause i love skiing
Beef or chicken?depends

Me or you? me

Boxers or briefs? boxers




Clothes? boxers

Taste? gum

Smell? air

Hair style? no style

Music? Something Corporate-Konstantine

Perfume/cologne? cologne to get the feeling rite

Nail color? none

Crush? yea



Where do you shop: Pac Sun n Old Navy mainly

What do you usually wear:this is brandon:Hurley Shirt,old navy cargos,hurley belt,fossil watch gunmetal,and some black n white shoes.

What kind of shoes do you wear: haha some black n white lugz rite now

Do you wear a watch:evryday

Color you never wear: yellow

Color you wear at least once a week:umm white maybe

Something you wear everyday:watch n necklace

Do you wear make up everyday:yep all the time

Most cherished piece of clothing:hurley belt

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing:any kind of tite pants/shorts

Do you wear belts:if i dont my pants fal off

Do you wear hats: yea

How many pairs of shoes do you have:probly like 5



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<3_ Basics _<3
name- Brandon
age- 14
location-San Angelo
gender- Male
eye color- blue green gray hazel changes
hair color- dark brown

fears-losing friends
<3_ Have You Ever _<3
called 911-yea
had a dream come true- yes

had a wish come true- kinda

broken someones heart-not that i know of
had ur heart broken- not really

had a boyfriend/girlfriend- yeah
told someone how u feel about them- Yeah

<3_ School _<3
where do u go to school- Glenn Junior High

wuts ur favorite subject- english n history

wuts ur school colors- green n white
wuts ur school mascot- bobcat this yr

wut grade are u in- freshmen
<3_ Favorites _<3
restaurant- texas club in riodose nm
sport- Football….n alot of others
hobby- music,skiing,paintall,cars
movie- Varsity Blues!
holiday- Christmas
place in ur house- my room by far
color- black
drink- dr.pepper

snack- saltine crackers
time of day- nite
tv show- dunno

<3_ The Last _<3
person u imed-tessa

person who imed u- chris
place u went- downstairs!

thing u ate- chicken

thing u drank- Milk..
person u hugged- dont know

person u yelled at- havnt yelled in a while
person who called u- dunno
person who u called- lauren
<3_ This OR That _<3
salt OR pepper- pepper
bbq OR regular- Regular..
pink OR blue- depeds
blonde OR brunette- Brunette..
sugar OR spice- Sugar
rap OR rock- Rock..
camping OR boating- i boat when i camp
skateboarding OR surfing- surfin cause ive nevr done it


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[ When was the last time you..]
Smiled : a few mins ago
Laughed : on the fone with lauren

Cried : october
Bought something :yesterday some dairy queen chapsticks
Danced :long time ago
Were sarcastic : last time i spoke
Kissed someone : 2 months almost
Talked to an ex : today
Watched your favorite movie :2 wks almost
Had a nightmare : atleast a yr

Were lulled to sleep by the thought of someone : haha o dont kno if ive done that exaclty
[ A Last time for everything.. ]
Last book you read : The law of the Tao or somthin

Last movie you saw : notebook

 But movie in theaters.. notebook

Last song you heard: Timberwolves @ new jersey-Taking Back Sunday

Last thing you had to drink: coke
Last thing you ate : chicken

Last time you showered: today

[ Body ]
What do you most like about your body: eyes
And least: stomach
How many fillings do you have : dunno

Do you think you’re good looking : so sexy….haha
Do other people often tell you that you’re good looking: lately for some wierd ass reason
Do you look like any celebrities : once got told i looked like fred durst when i had a hat on backwards and once mark hoppus when my hair was longer n i had it spiked
[ Fashion ]
Do you wear a watch : everyday
How many coats and jackets do you own : 3 jackets n coats and like 4 hoodies
Most expensive item of clothing:dunno

What kind of shoes do you wear :black n white lugz n flipflops
Describe your style in one word :comfotorble

[ Friends ]
Do your friends ‘know’ you :yeah kinda
What do they tend to be like :i dont know for sure u tellme

Down to Earth:yeah
Are there traits in you that are universally liked : yeah i think
How many people do you tell everything to:dunno wat evrything is

[ Other ]
Favorite band ever: incubus.probly.overall nyway
Most listened to bands :incubus,taking back sunday,yellowcard,dashboard,metallica.

Do you find any musicians good-looking :avril n britney r cute
Can you play an instrument : yeah piano n guitar

Type of music listened to : emo punkrock metal country a lil rap
Type never listened to : least like is disney music
Favorite book : outsiders by s.e. hinton
[ General Questions ]
Whom do you believe is the smartest man alive at the moment: sooo me.. i dontk now
What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day : Sunny
Do you consider yourself lucky : im irish wat do u fuckin think
Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide :if they had an unchecked mental illness a little…but if they didnt i have none at all for those people who quit at life
Choose one word to describe how you feel most often:intellectual

[ Stuff ]
Do you own any plaid clothing : yeah i htink
Do you own Converse shoes : No
Do you own Saucony shoes : Nooo….
Do you own old school Nikes : haha yeah
Do you wear tight pants : no no no
Is there more than one zipper in your pants : yeah
Do you know what a squatter flap is : hahahaha 
Do you own a messenger bag : no wtf
Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest :wtf
Do you own braces :how do u own them…and no
Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth :probbly use a knee one this yr in footballl if it gets bad

Do you have short, shaggy hair : No
Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches: No
Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon :oh yeah…its homicidal
Do you think mohawks are “neat” :sure do
Is your hair black or red : i want it to be black….
Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye :yeh forgot wat its called but ive got some at home
Do you own a bandana :lots
Do you wear plugs in your ears : ha..no
Are you amused by safety pins :haha yeah i stick emm in the calouses on the palm of my hand
Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute:no but for many other thigns like shoes
Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them : one
Do you own one or more articles of clothing from Dogpile, Lip Service, or Tiger of London :wtf
Do you enjoy leopard print : all the time foo….no
[ Habits/Beliefs ]
Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything) : no
Are you an anarchist : haha kinda
Does the American flag anger you : noit makes me feel good
Are you “working class” : i will be mauybe
Do you dislike “preps” : i hate labels
Do you dislike Hot Topic :not really
Do you smoke cigarettes :not anymore
Do you smoke cloves :hahahaha….u evr seen som1 on that hhaha
Are you a thin waif : no
Are you a vegetarian?: no
Do you think meat is murder :yeah ur killin somthin but it sure does taste good
Do your nighttime activities usually involve drunken underage vomiting :haha i dont puke from that usually
Have you ever slept in an alley or park : haha yeah a park once…..it was fun

Do you wash your hair less than once a week : evry day im not nappy shit
Have you ever gone a week without a shower:not that i kno of
Have you ever been avoided due to your odor : no i smell good
Do you know who Jack Kerouac is :he prollymade this
Do you like Mr. Kerouac : love him to death

Should Mumia Abu-jamal be freed from prison : thats for the courts to decide
Are you a member of the Makeout Club : hano
Do you say “rad” : haha somtimes used to


next one


First best friend: some kid named phillip in kindergarden
First real memory of something: dont kno
First car: dunno
First date: dont really call it adate foo

First real kiss: summr of 7th(realkiss ppl)

First break-up: like5th grade bs
First job: construction worker
First screen name: lilsmasher1189

First funeral: some guy i barely knew
First pets: rico dog
First piercing/tattoo: dont hav one
First credit card: used my dads when he couldnt figure ir out
First true love: not yet fool

First enemy: hhahaha i dunno
First big trip: dont know maybe colorado

First musician you remember hearing in your house:classic rock im sure
Last cigarette: may
Last big car ride: a few days ago
Last kiss: almost 2 months
Last good cry: nevr had a good cry but october

Last library book checked out:17 against the dealer and i still havnt found it
Last movie seen:notebook

Last beverage drank: coke

Last food consumed: chicken
Last crush: like b4 this one….last time was more than a crush
Last phone call: lauren
Last time showered: Earlier..
Last shoes worn:flip flops
Last cd played: havnt played a cd in awhile

Last item bought: chapstick!
Last annoyance: laugh n it hurt cause im sore
Last disappointment:dont know

Last soda drank: coke
Last time wanting to die: nevr
Last time scolded: i dont really get scolded anymore

Last shirt worn:blue hurley

Last website visited:the Xanga where I got this survey..



::*Birth name*:: Brandon Kyle Levi Frantum Mangan
::*Age*:: 14
::*First breath of air*:: Nov 3 1989

::*Astrological Sign*:: Scorpio
::*State currently living in*:: Texas

::*State born in*:: Texas

::*Hair color*:: Dark Brown

::*Eye color*::u already know if u looked at the otha ones

::*Length of hair*:: short

::*Is it your natural hair color?*:: Yess!

::*Do you have freckles?*:: like 2 on my arm

::*Do you wear glasses or contacts?*:: neither

::*Any birthmarks?*:: back of my head

::*Did you know that birthmarks are where angels kissed you when you were born?*:: no

::*Piercings?*:: no

::*Tatoos?*:: no…..

::*Any siblings?*:: none

::*How old are they?*:: …

::*Do you get along with them?*::
::*Are your parents divorced or together?*:: divorced

::*How often do you fight with your parents?*:: they dont fight with me they know imgonna win
::*Any family pets?*:: yeah

::*Whats one thing that people should know about you?*:: im wierd




?*Clothing brand*? Hurley

?*Soda*? Dr.Pepper
?*Color*? Black n red

?*Movie*? Varsity BLues

?*Actress*? Jessica Biel
?*Actor*? Keanu Reeves

?*Candy*? m&ms
?*Food*? steak
?*Saying*? kool,ok,thats good

?*Cuss word*? FUCK

?*TV Show*? dunno

?*Singer*? Brandon Boyd, Chris Carreba

?*Rapper*? WHo mike Jones….Nah eminem or 2pac

?*Band*? Incubus,Yellowcard,Dashboard,Takin Back Sunday,BLink 182

?*Place to clear your head*? my room layin down with musics and lites dim

?*Ice cream flavor*? nilla
?*Mall*? biggens

?*Type of makeup*? covergirl!!!!
?*Car*? 69′ Yanko Camero,65′ Shelby Mustang Gt 500,79′ Corvette,1993 Mitsubish 3000 GT V8 Twin Turbo AWD
?*Song*? 3178 of em

?*Number*? 21
?*Place to vacation*? colorado,new mexico

?*Person to be around*? friends
?*Boy name*? STEVE

?*Girl name*? lauren

?*Video game*? Link on regular nintendo

?*Disney movie*? Lion King

?*Disney character*? Simba

?*Channel*? FuSe

?*Radio station*? dont listen to it much

?*South Park character*? Cartmen






::*Britney Spears*:: “Everytime”

::*Maroon 5*:: “She will be loved”

::*John Mayer*:: “Your Body is a Wonderland”

::*Jason Mraz*:: “Remedy(Won’t Worry)”

::*Emienm*:: “cleanin out my closet”

::*Lloyd Banks*:: “on fire”

::*50 Cent*:: “21 Questions”

::*Christina Aguilera*:: “Genie in a bottle!”

::*Story Of The Year*:: “Anthem of our Dying DayUntil the day i die”

::*Linkin Park*:: “BREAKIN the habit”

::*The All American Rejects*:: “Swing Swing,Paper Heart,Last SOng”

::*Jojo*:: “Leave or w/e”

::*Dream*:: “dont know”

::*Relient K*:: “Mood Rings”

::*Ok Go*:: ok No i dont know

::*Coldplay*:: “Scientist”

::*Phantom Planet*:: “california”

::*Yellowcard*:: “to many…..Rough Draft,Ciggerette,Something Of Value,SureShot,StarStruck,Rockstar Land,Empty Apartment,Ocean Avenue,Underdog,Powder,Avondale so many more…..”

::*Madonna*:: “LiKe A vIrGiN”

::*Limp Bizkit*:: “Break Stuff”

::*Joe Budden*:: w t f w t f 



((.:*Love n Relationships*:..))


?*What is your current status?*? single

?*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?*? uhh repetative maybe

?*How long have yall been together?*? ^^^

?*What is the most romantic thing your lover has done for you?*? hahhaha

?*What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard?*? haha to many

?*In your own words, how would you describe love?*?

“this is incredible, starving, insaciable, yes this is love for the first time” chris Carreba’s words
?*What is the thing you need most in a relationship?*? Trust & Honesty?

?*What is the most attractive thing about the opposite sex?*? cute

?*True or False: All is fair in love and war?*? no
?*In your opinion, what is the most romantic movie?*? haha i dunno….

?*Are you shallow when it comes to physical appearance in a relationship?*? a lil cause evryone is

?*How do you know if youre really in love with someone?*? you will know…
?*Does love really last forver?*? if it is love it may but i have not lived long enough to say so




::*What is the best thing about friendships?*:: people are there when you truly need them

::*Describe your friends*:: awesome…thanx guys

::*What is the best part about them?*:: they are there for me to do somthin with

::*Which of your friends has known you the longest?*:: brodie prolly

::*What about the shortest?*:: i dunno
::*Were you one of those kids who used to exchange friendship bracelets?*:: haha OK no
::*What do you and your friends like to do?*:: circle jerks…ha no hang out normal friends stuff

::*What is the funniest moment you can remember with your friends?*:: lol i dunno

::*What do you think can break up a friendship?*:: alot of things

::*Would you ever ditch your friends over a guy/girl?*:: haha yeah my friends understand cause we’d all do that for eachother!!!

::*What is the worst thing you can think of that could break up a friendship?*:: kill you

::*Have you ever lost one of your best friends over an argument?*:: you cant lose a best friend like that…unless you are so immature you cannot work out an acceptable solution to both partys

::*What is the hot spot where you and your friends hangout?*:: events
::*Out of all of your friends, who is the loudest?*:: ha ha ha i dunno

::*Funniest?*:: chris or colton!

::*Most athletic?*:: ethan prolly

::*Most ?girly girl??*:: dunno
::*Most flirtatious*:: ummm i dunno

::*Most competitive*:: i dont know im competitive but all my friends are so we fight alot

::*Out of all of your friends, who is the one that can make you laugh no matter what?*:: haha i dontk now

::*Do you trust the friends you have?*:: arnt they friends?

::*True or False: You would take a bullet for a friend*:: true pain is nothing





?*What genre do you listen to the most?*?punk emo rock country

?*What is currently in your CD player?*? mp3 player but ive been listenin to taking back sunday alot lately
?*Are you a rebel like I am, and download music illegally?*? i am more of one than you you fuckin lame ass sayin ur a rebel bitch….haha had to get the swearin out of me

?*Do you own any band shirts?*? yeshhr

?*Which ones?*? incubus,mathcbook romance,metallica

?*What was the first concert you went to?*? elton john i thiink
?*What about the last one?*? 3 doors dwon

?*What is your opinion on techno music?*? hahaha shit…..it ok i guess
?*Do you like Evanescence?*? yeah amy lee is a pretty awsome girl

?*Did you ever own any New Kids On The Block stuff?*? haha no

?*What happened to Ricky Martin?*? he got deported

?*Do you think musicians should stick to music, or cross over into acting?*? depends

?*What is that one song that plays in your head over and over?*? wonderwall

?*What is the worst song you have ever heard?*?ahh forgot but i kno i have one

?*What is your favorite song?*? to many

?*Do you think Britney Spears is fake?*? her chest yeah

?*What do you think about Christina Aguilera?s comeback?*?she aint any stronger i hate her….i liked genie in a bottle

?*Did you ever like Michael Jackson?*? i wish i could have a sleep over

?*Do you think he is misunderstood?*? haha he misunderstands everything
?*What about Eminem?*? if i could be black id be eminem

?*Do you think Paris Hilton will make it in the music business?*? haha so many stupid pop lovin kids so probly

?*Why or why not?*? jessica simpson made it didnt she



((..:*This or That*:..))


::*Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson*::hate em both…..jessica isnt even that great looking…and ashlee cant sing….lala on the kitchen floor slut

::*Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears*::Britney Motherfuckin SPears

::*Paula Abdul or Madonna*:: Madonna shit

::*Clay Aiken or Kelly Clarkson*:: clay is a grade A fag…kelly

::*Sprite or 7up*:: up yours

::*Kelly Osbourne or Avril Lavigne*:: Avril by far

::*Maria Menos or Michelle Branch*:: Michelle
::*Story of The Year or The All American Rejects*:: SOTY

::*Eminem or Lloyd Banks*:: Eminem!

::*Slow Motion or Freak A Leak*:: dont know!

::*Rebel or Prep*:: mix

::*Coke or Dr. Pepper*:: dr pepper

::*The Fast and The Furious or 2Fast 2Furious*:: Fast & the Furious…

::*Paul Walker or Vin Disel*:: vin

::*Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie*:: nicole

::*Pink or Blue*:: dunno

::*Brown or White*:: White!

::*Mayo or Mayonaise*:: mayo
::*Thongs or Bikini*:: thongs my friend thongs

::*Abercrombie or Hollister*:: hollister?

::*Hot Topic or Pac Sun*:: Pac Sun!

::*Hurley or Etnies*:: H U R L E Y
::*Target or Walmart*:: Walmart!

::*Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit*:: Linkin Park!

::*Lip gloss or Lipstick*:: Lip Gloss!





?*How are you?*? ok bored
?*Do you still suck on your thumb?*?nevr did evr

?*If you could have something to drink right now, what would it be?*? dr.pepper or triple black

?*What are you thinking?*? I wanna go home…..

?*Are you bored like I am trying to write this stupid thing?*? Yess!

?*Are you a morning person?*? hell no i stay up for sunrises

?*Are you addicted to Xanga?*?no

?*How many times do you change your layout on Xanga?*? havnt
?*Are you afraid of anything?*? not specifically
?*Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?*? hell no

?*What kind of lip gloss do you wear?*? hahano!

?*What is your favorite item to where:belt
?*What is today?s date?*?1st?

?*Have you ever made up your own word?*? yee
?*What is it?*? —jesusfuckinchrist(ive only said it outloud like 2ce)

?*What does it mean?*? —self explanitory

?*Mine is shizzle face mcgee*? wtf

?*It means shit face mcfucker*?k

?*Are you bored yet?*? Yup!





::*Do you want to be married?*:: yeah
::*To whom?*:: how would i know

::*Do you want kids?*:: yes

::*How many?*:: 2

::*Where do you want to live?*:: dunno

::*What do you want to work as?*:: coach football

::*What kind of car do you want?*:: 69′ yanko camero 


im done with tonite….tooo much later


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