Brandon Mangan is a creative based out of Central Texas. He's been working professionally with visual and written content production for over a decade. He grew up as the guy with the camera, and has worked with technology since he was old enough to manipulate it. Hailing from West Texas with a background in hard labor, he brings a do what it takes to get the job done philosophy and work ethic to his creative pursuits, willing to go the extra mile for his clients and the work that's produced by doing so. 

With a degree in Emergency Management and in the process of completing his MBA, he's always up for learning new methods, welcomes involvement and immersion in new industries, and brings a breadth of experience to the table. He has limited availability for personal photography sessions, including events and weddings. With years of experience in establishing digital footprints, he's also available for digital marketing consultations. He can produce any kind of media, whether you need video, still imagery, copy, or music. You can submit a contact request on this website, email him at [email protected], or give him a call at 325-330-3940. You can also purchase prints and other replications of any of the photos on this website directly on this website, but he recommends contacting him for any large print, canvas, or specialty situation. Lab and printer availability prices on this website are typically higher than what he can provide when you reach out to him directly.